Frequently Asked Questions

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what is it exactly idctv?

How much do you have of TV Themes ? 

What do I need to sign up ? 

Why do I need a phone number ?

Can i watch idctv on my mobile, my tablet, my pc, my tv ? 

what are idctv customers ?Can you broadcast in all the  countries ? 

can my clients watch my tv programs for free?

what are all the innovative solutions of idctv ? 

do I have to respect the laws and copyrights, ? 

am I the founder of my tv channel thanks to idctv ?

Live is a live streaming platform for both audio and video .

Can I show what I want ? Does  Streaming Engine support H.24/ 7 streaming

Do you support restreaming of SHOUT cast or Icecast streams ?

How can I get support encoding and quality video indexer with IA?


Why do I need a maintenance and support contract ?

Can I subscribe several subscriptions during the week and the weekend?

Can my program or my fictions be better than those we see every day, and if it is possible to offer a subscription to my clients ?

Do I need to use  Transcoder to remap a stream from one transport protocol to another ?

Is it mandatory to have the copyright to show on my television.? 

I must to respect the conditions and terms on the contents

How do I update to a newer image ?

What do you offer as a service ?

Is it possible to rent a TV channel for an event ?

When i sell the products from my tele purchase shop is what idctv takes fees or commissions. 

How much does the webtv, ecommerce, shop in my name, with my logo and my solution of payment the rental of the tv channel, are there several possibilities? 

What operating systems does Transcoder run on ?

Can  Streaming Engine deliver up to 10 Gbps of streaming from a single server?

Do you offer a load-testing tool ? How many viewers can watch my program ?

Is  Streaming Engine scalable ?

How is CDN different from any other CDN? What operating systems does streaming Engine run on I have heard that  is a not expensive platform. Is it true?

Is there a tool for server-side programming? 

Are my transactions secure? As I will be the boss of my television, is the table easy to us .What attention is  going to give me considering I’m a small startup ? 

How secure is your platform and how do we trust you with our customer data can I directly manage my tele purchase shop, and receive the funds directly from the sale of my products.

Can I, rent once a week, a TV channel for my shop and sell my products?

Is all idctv customers connected at the same time and can act favorably on my shop ?

What resources are available for developers?

 I understand your CDN is great, but what impact will your technology have on my business? 

Can I use server-side programming with Streaming Engine?

Can idctv  help save costs on my infrastructure and bandwidth needs ?

 What is the ROI of using idctv ?

if I buy a tv channel, how is it done ?

What is idctv networks ?

Can I grab individual frames or snapshots?

Can I mute during streaming? What are subscriptions?

What are the licensing option ?

Who is eligible?

Do I have to pay to use Ios and android.?

What are the minimum system requirements for ios & Android ?

What software is available to download Migration , Data base , Storage and cloud ?

I already have a CDN provider . Tools for developers 

IA . How do I report a bug? How can I stop bad bots ?

How do I manage increase web traffic ?

Is there an audience and a traffic on my TV channel? How much does the material cost for the live?

Can I buy my hardware or have it already to use idctv was there assistance to help us?

Who prepared the purchase contracts for the tv channel ingest convert store and deliver
playback analyze?

Can I stop my contract easily are there rules a respect for the users and the spectators, of the private life are there different types of subscription if I exceed the traffic, thanks to the success of my products, how does it go?

 Are we real partners with idctv?

Are there multiple subscriptions ?

can I change my subscription thanks to my success in which category should i install?

is it possible to have 1,000,000 views at the same time on my TV channel?

can I have my own Hosting and my domain name?

Who writes the contract ?

Question Action How much does the creation and manufacture of TV cost? How much does it cost to subscribe for three hours of live or streaming How much cost running 24 /7

Can I buy the Cinema Camera myself or do you know professionals?

Is it free or paid for those who watch live or streaming?

can I buy my own tv guide?
can I show violence, pornography, racism, and hatred ? No 

can I show the same movie several times in the year
what is your commission on bank charges?
Is there a single price for everyone ?
can I buy a TV channel for each country ?

can I download the same movie multiple times, and pay only once
can I buy a movie and see it when I want it
am I the only one to receive the advertising funds that I broadcast on my TV channel

can I earn a lot by using all your services ?
how many times do I have to pay my TV channel ?
how many times can I request an update ? 
can I use a plan only twice in the year ?
can I have my channel of shops and sell my products directly to my customers ?